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Returning students

We welcome returning students back to SIFA. You’re considered a returning student if you were previously enrolled at SIFA and paused your studies.

To cope with the increase in applications to our courses, SIFA has ammended its rules for students who have temporarily paused their studies.

New rules for returning students

  • The period for returning students to re-start has changed from two years to one year. This means that you can not pause your studies for more than one year.
  • This ammended rule takes effect from 1st March 2021.
  • If you as a returning student are offered a course place but do not accept it or if you accept it but do not show up to course start you will lose your returning students spot for all future courses at SIFA.

Returning Student Application 

Re-start of studies for students who belong to the City of Stockholm Municipality
Send an email to sifa@edu.stockholm.se at least one month before you want to start your studies (see our course periods at the start page sifa.stockholm.se.) 

Re-start of studies for students who belong to another municipality: 
Your home municipality must approve the resumption of studies. After approval, your home municipality contacts the Adult Education Center in Stockholm by sendig an email to: infosfx@edu.stockholm.se