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Study Swedish in Stockholm -Intensive studies in Swedish -a new program at SIFA

The new course package Intensive Studies in Swedish prepare you to enter the swedish labour market and to attend university studies in Swedish. We offer the pragram in classroom as well as online. The course package is without a specific vocational orientation. Free of charge.

Learn Swedish fast 

The courses in our new course package are designed for adults with an academic background who wants to learn Swedish in a fast pace. Intensive studies in Swedish at SIFA is a course package without specific vocational orientation for you who have a longer educational background and prerequisites for a fast learning pace. Larn more about the course package Intensive Studies in Swedish at Intensive studies in Swedish -classroom or online.

Cohesive groups with student from all around the world

You learn Swedish in a cohesive group and start from SFI course C or D. Intensive Studies in Swedish is a course package that includes 6 different courses. The courses are devided into three different levels. When you finish one course, you start the next one immediately. You can read more about the schedule at the pages Classroom studies and Online studies. In addition to your schedule, you are expected to devote your time to self-studies. Self-studies can include reading literature and assignments that you access through our learning platform Teams. In addition to the lesson plan, it may also be relevant for you to participate in various support sessions if necessary. 

Course start 8 of mars

The coursepackage starts in mars:

  • Intensive studies in Swedish in classroom starts 8 th of Mars, application deadline is 26 th of February. 
  • Intensive studies in Swedish online starts 15 th of Mars, application deadline is 5 Mars. 

Apply now 

You apply to the course package Intensive studies in Swedish by contacting the Adult Education Center in Stockholm.

By Phone:

You can apply by calling 08-508 35 450 on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays 09.00–11.00.

By email:

You can also contact the Adult Education Center via e-mail: sfi@edu.stockholm.se
For more information, go to the Adult Education Center's website.