All undervisning inom komvux, sfi och yrkeshögskola kommer från och med 18 mars att ställas om helt till distansundervisning

Tisdagen den 17 mars 2020 gav regeringen rekommendationen att kommunal vuxenutbildning ska bedrivas på distans. Vuxenutbildningen i Stockholms stad följer detta och ger samtliga skolor i uppdrag att ge alla elever distansundervisning tillsvidare och inte ge klassrumsundervisning. Det innebär att du som studerar på SIFA inte har undervisning på skolan från och med onsdagen den 18 mars.

Du som är elev på SIFA kommer att få mer information från skolan kring dina fortsatta studier.

In English

Due to the Corona virus covid-19 we would like to inform you that all course activities at SIFA will from now on and until further notice, be online. You will for the time being continue your SIFA course as a distance learning course. 

Communicate with your teacher with help of Teams, Moodle and email

You will find all course material on either Teams or Moodle. If you have any questions please contact your teacher.

Distance learning, attendance and student activity

It is very important that you are active online by doing the assignments accordingly to the teacher's course planning. This is important in order to avoid that your course will be disrupted.

Exams, mandatory assignments and oral presentations

All parts of the course cannot be replaced with distance solutions. Examples of such elements are exams, mandatory assignments and oral presentations. Your teacher will inform you about how these elements will be examined.  

Study and Career Counselors

You reach our Study and Career Counselors via email: or by calling 08-508 49 580. You will find current phone hours at our website:

Student Administration

You reach our Student Administration via email: or by calling 08-508 49 510. You will find current phone hours at our website: