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Intensive Swedish for Teachers - SFP

Are you a teacher with a university degree from your native country? Are you looking for a Swedish course in Stockholm? At SIFA we offer Swedish courses for teachers free of charge.

 SIFA belongs to the municipal adult education in Stockholm. This specific program is called SFP and will teach you Swedish with a professional focus.

Application deadlines

The SFP program starts five times a year. Below you find application dealines. ​

January start (P1)
Course starts: 4 January 2021
Course ends: 5 Mars  2021
​Application deadline: Application is closed

Mars start (P2)
Course starts: 8 Mars 2021 
Course ends: 7 May 2021
​Application deadline: Application is closed

May start (P3)
Course starts: 10 May 2021
Course ends: 9 July 2021 
​Application deadline: 16 April 2021

SUMMER BREAK: 13/7-13/8

August start (P4)
Course starts: 16 August 2021
Course ends: 15 October 2021 
​Application deadline: 2 July 2021

October start (P5)
Course starts: 18 October 2021
Course ends:  17 December
​Application deadline: 10 September 2021

At SFP you will get:

  • Free Swedish courses in the centre of Stockholm
  • Municipal adult education
  • Intensive Swedish courses for teachers
  • Opportunity to tudy in groups with other students with a similar background and education to yours
  • Opportunity to establish contact networks in and outside of school
  • An insight into how Swedish work-life functions
  • Knowledge on writing a personal letter and interview training, and to learn about communicating in the work place, codes, unwritten rules and vocational vocabulary
  • To accompany a teacher for a period of time
  • A good foundation to continue studying for Swedish teaching certification
  • An education in cooperation with Stockholm University to be a validated teacher on an individual basis

Folder in English: Intensive Swedish for Teachers

Chat with a Student counsellor about SFINX

If you have any questions about Intensive Swedish for Teachers you can chat in English with a Student counsellor.

See timetable below:
Mondays at 1 pm to 3 pm
Tuesdays at 1 pm to 3 pm
Thursdaysat 9 am to 11 am

Link to chat: Chat with a Student counsellor 

Start at the level that is right for you

If you have no knowledge of the Swedish language you will start at Intro level C. If you already know some Swedish, you start at the level that is right for you. To be able to place you in the right course you have to be able to show proof of your current Swedish skills. Example of proof could be grades from another SFI or Komvux school or level test result from your home municipality. Read more about level test at: Level Test in Swedish

The Swedish courses that are included in SFP:

You will study in cohesive groups. After you have completed a course you will directly start at the next level.

  • Intro SFI C 9 weeks (for beginners)
  • SFI C, 9 weeks
  • SFI D, 9 weeks
  • SVA grund 3, 9 weeks
  • SVA grund 4, 9 weeks
  • SVA 1, 9 weeks
  • SVA 2, 9 weeks
  • SVA 3, 9 weeks

This is how you apply

There is two ways to apply to SFINX. Before you apply be sure that you have your degree and certificates evaluated at Universitets- och högskolerådet UHR. You can begin your application to SIFA while awaiting an answer from Universitets- och högskolerådet

1. Apply at Vuxenutbildnigscentrum

You can get help with your application at Vuxenutbildningscentrum in Stockholm, Rosenlundsgatan 52. 

2. Apply by application form

If you want you can apply by filling in the application form below. Be sure you have all the documents that are requested. Se list below.

Application form for SFP

Send application to:
Vuxenutbildningscentrum SFP Arbetsmarknadsförvaltningen
Box 17140
104 62 Stockholm 

If you have qustion about your application: infosfx@stockholm.se 

Requirements for applying:

  • You need a teaching certificate, or to have worked for a few years as a teacher and have a degree in a subject that is included in a teaching  certificate
  • You must have been in Sweden less than three years
  • You must know English at level English 4

Documents requested together with your application

  • Certified copies of diplomas from previous education, and translation of them into English or Swedish 
  • Official transcript 
  • A copy of your residence permit in Sweden. NOTE! Does not apply to EU citizens.
  • Copy of your id-card 
  • Your CV 
  • Proof of English skills. TOEFL, IELTS, TISUS (or other documents that show your English skills) or result or a level test result from your home municipality 
  • Proof of your current Swedish skills (if you have no knowledge of the Swedish language you start directly at Intro level C)