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Intensive studies in Swedish -classroom or online

Learn Swedish fast. Study Swedish in classroom or online at SIFA in Stockholm. The courses are designed for adults with an academic background.


Study Swedish in Stockholm

The course package Intensive Studies in Swedish prepare you to enter the swedish labour market and to attend university studies in Swedish. We offer the program in classroom as well as online (distance learning). Its a program without a specific vocational orientation. SIFA belongs to the municipal adult education in Stockholm. All our courses are free of charge.  

You study in cohesive groups

What distinguishes SIFA from other schools that offer courses in Swedish is that you always study in cohesive groups. You study with the same class from beginning to the end and we do not take in new students after the course start. By keeping the group cohesive we give our teachers the opportunity to create a calm and stable study envorement. We have intakes 5 times a year.

Classroom course option

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our classroom option is currently done through remote study. However, the classroom course still involves up to 25 hours of teaching hours per week. Learn more about the classrom course option on the webpage Intensive studies in Swedish -classroom studies.

Course start January

  • Course start in January (P1)
    Start: January 3rd
    Apply before December 10th

How to apply

Online course option

The online course option, on the other hand, involves no more than two hours of teaching per week. You can chose to have your weekly lesson daytime or evening. You’re then free to do the remainder of your studies in your own time – whenever and wherever you wish. Learn more about the online course option on the webpage Intensive studies in Swedish -online studies.

Course start January

  • Course start in January (P1)
    Start: January 3rd
    Apply before December 10th

How to apply

To apply you must meet the following requirements

  • Have a Swedish personal number/are a citizen or permanent resident of the EU/EES or Switzerland
  • Living in Stockholm municipality
  • Be over 16 years old

Intensive Studies in Swedish at SIFA offers you:

  • intensive training in Swedish at a high pace in a cohesive group of students
  • you start at sfi course C, D, Grundläggande 4
  • a cohesive course package with a total of 6 courses; from sfi-level to upper secondary level
  • each course is 9 or 20 weeks long
  • the courses are free of charge
  • SIFA belongs to the municipal adult education in Stockholm
  • a school with long experience of teaching Swedish to academics
  • experienced, committed and qualified teachers
  • a stimulating study environment with course participants from all over the world
  • an internal network with many international students
  • access to SIFA's established external network with universities, colleges and the business community
  • study guidance for university studies and professional life in Sweden

Courses included in the course package

Intensive Studies in Swedish is a course package that includes 6 different courses. The courses are devided into three different levels. When you finish one course, you start the next one immediately. You can read more about the schedule at the pages Classroom studies and Online studies. In addition to your schedule, you are expected to devote your time to self-studies. Self-studies can include reading literature and assignments that you access through our learning platform Teams. In addition to the lesson plan, it may also be relevant for you to participate in various support sessions if necessary. 

Level 1 -sfi courses (two courses)

At this level you will studying two courses at sfi-level. The first course is sfi C which follows by sfi D. At sfi-level you will learn the basics of the Swedish language and prepare for future studies. You will learn the basics of reading, speaking and writing. Each course is 9 or 18 weeks long.

Level 2 -basic level course (one course)

After completing the sfi-level, you will continue with a course at basic level. The name of the course is Svenska som andraspråk grundläggande delkurs 4. This course is 9 or 18 weeks long.

Level 3 -upper secondary level courses (three courses)

When you completed the basic level course you will start with the first course of the upper secondary level. The name of the courses in the upper secondary level is: Svenska som andraspråk 1, Svenska som andraspråk 2  och Svenska som andraspråk 3. Each course is 9 week long. After the last course you have the requiments to attend university programs in Swedish.

How to apply

You apply to the course package Intensive studies in Swedish by contacting the Adult Education Center in Stockholm. 

By email:
You can apply by sending an email to the Adult Education Center: infosfx@edu.stockholm.se 

Make sure to specify in your email that you want to apply to Intensive studies in Swedish at SIFA (Intensiva studier i svenska på SIFA). You also have to specify if you want the classrom course option or the online course option.

Your email should also include the following:

  • Personal number/date of birth  (YYMMDD)
  • If you are a citizen or a permanent resident of the EU/EES or Switzerland applying for the first time and do not have a Swedish personal number, please attach a copy of your passport or ID-card.
  • Citizenship
  • First language
  • Other languages that you speak
  • Swedish phone number
  • E-mail address
  • Address in Stockholm municipality


Contact SIFA

Do you have questions about the coursepackage Intensive studies in Swedish or about SIFA as a school? Email us at: intensivastudier.sifa@edu.stockholm.se