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Information to SIFA students about the coronavirus

Based on current conditions and responsible authorities’ recommendations, SIFA has adopted the following guidelines.

Online based teaching 

  • In line with the Public Health Agency of Sweden's current recommendations for adult education SIFA will continue with online teaching during the fall. It includes the course start 19 october
  • The recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden changed the 15 of june and allows schools to bring students on campus for exams and practical course activities. You will get more information from your teacher in the beginning of the course. 
  • When and if students will be called to campus SIFA takes measures to minimize spread of infection. Everyone must take responsibility and help to minimize the spread of infection. The Public Health Authority urges everyone with symptoms of a respiratory infection, even a mild one, to avoid social contact, as they pose a risk of spreading infection. Everyone with symptoms of illness should stay at home. 

How we have adapted the premises to minimize spread of infection

Cleaning routines

The cleaning company is tasked with being extra careful and frequent regarding the cleaning of door handles, railings, toilets, stairwells, entrances and student canteens.

Informaton about holding distance in the premises

Social distance floor stickers and door signs with the message to keep a distance of 2 meters are placed in the central parts of the school.

Student lunch room

The furniture has been sparse, hand alcohol has been placed, an extra door is opened up at lunchtime to make it possible to keep distance even in the passage, floor stickers with a message to keep distance have been placed, cleaning has been intensified to twice a day.

Student computer room

Sparsely furnished by removing every other keyboard and chair.


All teachers that assigns students to come to school to complete exams or other course elements have the following items with them to the classroom:

  • Hand disinfectant
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Cloth
  • Sign with message to keep distance

The idea is that teachers, in addition to regular cleaning efforts, should be able to disinfect a door handle/a bench surface, put up an extra distance sign and have hand alcohol for themselves and students to the extent they deem desirable.